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Building monitor

The smes have growth quickly with small scale as the economy developed. Consequently,the industrial buildings and industrial parks is booming all over the country. The smes value the returns, period and effect with the low investment while conceiving the IP video monitor solution.Meanwhile, they pay much attention to if the system is helpful for the company development and the investment guarantee either. Continue reading Building monitor

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FC-6S high precision fiber cleaver from Sumitomo Japan


Vietsky Technology and services company limited authorized for Sumitomo’s product in providing fiber optic in Vietnam market. We provide after sales service and support of fusion splicer , fiber cleaver, Fast connector , mechanical splice and related products Continue reading FC-6S high precision fiber cleaver from Sumitomo Japan

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Cable Prep SCT-540QR USA

Cable Prep SCT-540QR USA tool strip with three Functions in One Operation: SCT-QR tools speed connectorization because they strip back and bevel the outer conductor and core the dielectric in one smooth operation.

500 QR SCT-500QR RSCT-500QR SC-500QR
540 QR SCT-540QR RSCT-540QR SC-540QR
715 QR SCT-715QR RSCT-715QR SC-715QR
cable-prep-sct-540qr-01 cable-prep-sct-540qr-02
Price at: US$150 Price at: US$150
cable-prep-sct-540qr-013 cable-prep-sct-540qr-04
Price at: US$150 Price at: US$150

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JW 3304N Portable tester Optical fiber ranger

JW3304N fiber ranger optic

JW3304N Optical Fiber Ranger is the most portable test instrument in the industry. It adopts the OTDR technical principles and integrates the powerful analysis software, which enables the JW3304N fiber ranger detect fiber faults location more accurate and easy. Continue reading JW 3304N Portable tester Optical fiber ranger