Fluke 15Bplus Đồng hồ vạn năng


The Fluke 15B F15B+ Professional Auto Range Digital Multimeter Tester is a high cost performance multimeter coming with competitive price. It quickly and accurately measures AC current, DC current, AC voltage, DC voltage, resistance and capacitance. It also has continuity test with alert as well as diode testing and buzzing. Auto and manual range allows you to choose the operation that suits your needs. 4000-count display updates data per 3 seconds. Screen backlight makes the results visible even in low-light environment.

  • Quickly and accurately measure AC current, DC current, AC voltage, DC voltage, resistance and capacitance
  • 4000 counts display, data updates per 3 seconds
  • Screen backlight for a clear view in low-light environment
  • Auto & manual range
  • “Hold” function display
  • Overrange protection
  • Diode testing & buzzing
  • Fasten sheath
  • Continuity test with alert;
  • IEC1010-1: CATI1000V, CATⅡ600V, CATⅢ300V standard
  • Auto switch OFF function
  • Easily remove battery & change
  • Low energy cost, up to 500 hours of long battery life
  • Safe and easy to use


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