AEMC 2153.51 Model L452 2-Channel DC Current/Voltage Data Logger


The AEMC L452 Two-Channel Current and Voltage Data Logger (Catalog Number 2153.51) is used to record DC voltage, DC current, 4 to 20mA pulses and events. It offers menu-based interface, configuration options, alarm triggers, Min/Max measurement values, graphic data and other features. This logger supports USB and Bluetooth communication. With two input channels you can connect to various types of sensors and record data of pressure, temperature, flow, humidity and more. Each channel’s real-time measurement is displayed on the LCD screen. The data is stored in a 32MB internal flash memory.
The AEMC L452 data logger is supplied with a 6 ft USB cable, US 120V wall-to-USB plug, 6-pin screw terminal block, 2x AA rechargeable NIMH batteries, quick start guide, USB stick with DataView software and user manual.


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