AEMC 2137.59 Model PEL105 Power and Energy Logger, Waterproof


The AEMC PEL 105 Power and Energy Logger (Catalog Number 2137.59) is designed to monitor both traditional and renewable energy sources. It records five voltage and four current inputs as well as Watts, VA, var and energy measurements – Vah, Wh and varh. A sampling frequency is 128 times per cycle and data storage rate is 1 per second. The waterproof data logger features a 4.2×3.3″ four line, monochrome, backlit LCD with adjustable brightness & contrast. It supports USB, LAN, Ethernet, Wi-Fi & Bluetooth communication.
The AEMC PEL 105 includes the power data logger, large tool bag, accessory pouch, 5 ft USB cable, five 10 ft black voltage leads (waterproof cap) with alligator clips, power adapter 110/230V with US power cord, four watertight AmpFlex 196A-24-BK sensors, rechargeable battery, SD-card, USB SD-card reader, twelve color-coded input ID markers, quick start guide, USB stick with DataView software & user manual.


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