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FC-6S high precision fiber cleaver from Sumitomo Japan


Vietsky Technology and services company limited authorized for Sumitomo’s product in providing fiber optic in Vietnam market. We provide after sales service and support of fusion splicer , fiber cleaver, Fast connector , mechanical splice and related products

Model: SFC-S / FC-6S

Origin: Sumitomo / Japan

  • Dimensions 63W x 65D x 63H mm
  • Weight 430 g Without Scrap Collector 475 g With Scrap Collector
  • Coating Diameters 0.25 – 0.9mm (Single) 0.25mm (Ribbon)
  • Cladding Diameter 0.125mm
  • Cleave Lengths : 9 – 16mm (Single Fiber – 0.25mm Coating) 10 – 16mm (Single Fiber – 0.9mm Coating) 10mm (Ribbon – Up to 12-C)
  • Typical Cleave Angle:  0.5 Degrees
  • Typical Blade Life:  54,000 Fiber Cleaves
  • Number of Steps for Cleave 2
  • Blade Adjustments Rotational & Height Auto. Scrap Collection Optional

fc-6s-sumitomo-fiber-cleaver-vietsky-tech               fc-8r-sumitomo-fiber-cleaver

Customer Conference Sumitomo – Vietsky Tech


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