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Cable Prep SCT-540QR USA

Cable Prep SCT-540QR USA tool strip with three Functions in One Operation: SCT-QR tools speed connectorization because they strip back and bevel the outer conductor and core the dielectric in one smooth operation.

500 QR SCT-500QR RSCT-500QR SC-500QR
540 QR SCT-540QR RSCT-540QR SC-540QR
715 QR SCT-715QR RSCT-715QR SC-715QR
cable-prep-sct-540qr-01 cable-prep-sct-540qr-02
Price at: US$150 Price at: US$150
cable-prep-sct-540qr-013 cable-prep-sct-540qr-04
Price at: US$150 Price at: US$150

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